We develop leaders, not administrators. We develop dynamic leaders who dare move into difficult situations. We develop leaders who strive for something larger than themselves. We develop reflected leaders who dare to see their own weaknesses. By following the beacons of storytelling theory, research and experience results are achieved.

KEIRON is a well-known consulting firm within the field of manager and management team development. The firm works with many executive management teams, but also with a broad and targeted focus within organizations. We have solid experience from many industries, in the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally.

KEIRON’s unique approach integrates current management theories with historical figures and time periods. Performance excellence is not achieved by learning about ordinary forms of leadership. We learn from the best. Art and literature are employed to illuminate facets of leadership and teamwork. Concepts and insights from other times and cultures expand our horizons. 

Three cornerstones constitute the foundation of our approach to management and leadership development and these set us apart from other actors: 

Classical perspectives – use of history, philosophy and art. 

Academic gravitas – approaches based on solid theory and research 

Reflexive praxis – learning by way of reflection and hands-on application in own management practice. 

Our consultants have interdisciplinary backgrounds from psychology, the humanities and management fields.



This approach has been recognized internationally in a study done by Ashridge Business School and UNICON.

KEIRON believes that managers can play a role of crucial significance. 

The individual can make a difference. But then the leader must play an active part. So why do you want to be a leader? Leadership is neither a position nor a career. You must choose leadership. You must choose a reason to lead, a purpose to be achieved. So why should anyone follow your lead? It is not a given that they will. Leadership is a relation, and you must earn the right to leadership. Leadership is not defined by tools or the latest consultant hit. Leadership is solidly grounded in something personal – in the unique, wonderful and strange person you are. And you must master the surroundings in which leadership will be carried out. 

The Centaur Keiron developed leadership for all the important heroes of Greek mythology. Half beast, half human. Tough and hard, but also empathetic and compassionate. Something like that. That’s our role. 

They take you on an inner and outer journey through incomparable storytelling – journeys that have an impact on you and change both your self-concept and your relation to your surroundings and leadership.

Thoralf Granerød, former Senior Information Officer at SpareBank 1 Gruppen